About the Artist

Stepan Kubicek - Metal art sculpture artistOriginally from the Czech Republic, Steve now lives in Catskill, NY with his wife and children. He works in the Hudson Valley as a teacher and a sculptor.

As a young boy he would be found in the basement or garage with his dad – watching him and helping him.  A mechanical engineer, Steve’s dad transcended the stereotype; he was always using his hands, manipulating tools and materials while repairing, building, and improving. Steve spent countless hours listening to his father explain the different properties of materials, such as the various grades of stainless steel, or how glass is made…all the time watching his dad’s hands. Picture the typical artist, in his studio, perfectly content to just create and be alone with his tools.  In this sense, Steve fits this mold.  Enjoyment of the flat arts, and a love for the third dimension led him here. Cutting, grinding, welding, drilling, painting…the smell, the sound, and the heat – steel is his material of choice. Steve has experience working with metal for over 20 years.  Art works range in scale from small interior pieces to outdoor installations.  His work includes spontaneously created metal sculpture and custom designed and installed art, including tribute totems.  He appreciates collaborating with a client to create a timeless piece.  Art after all, is forever.

Sculptures are available for purchase. Inquiries for custom installations are welcome. Inquire

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